My Week in Denial

As I had broken a rule PurpleSole had decided to not allow me to orgasm for a week. This probably doesn't sound like a very long time but every time we play PS usually permits me to orgasm at least once so not having one is missed, greatly. It also wouldn't have been as bad if …

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Numquam ubi sub ubi

We have a few rituals that have developed or been dropped through our D/s journey, one that has been there from the start is PurpleSole chooses my underwear. This was originally started as a simple element of control. I found it hard in the beginning to give up control, I know that sounds crazy as …

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Golden Girl

The prompt for Sinful Sunday this week is transmogrify- to transform in a surprising or magical manner. Thanks google. Me and PS were playing around in the bath, it's not what you think. I really like bath bombs, particularly the expensive ones from that well-known ethical store... Blush. I don't know why I feel silly …

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