Wax On, Wax Off

Wax play is a gentle way of playing, great for a quieter night of kink. We’ve been a bit naughty in the past, ignoring advise not to use the sort of candle you’d use at the dinner table.

This time we used soy wax which has a much lower melting temperature, with dyes to make different colours. This was our first attempt and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

First I put dots of wax on gem’s chest.


Then we moved on to pouring in over her body. I may have got a little carried away.


I was curious and there was some wax left so asked littlegem if she wanted to put some on me. After all we know what you make if you mix red and blue.

A mess as it turns out, that is what you make.

Gem poured the mixture over my back with the wax running inbetween my bum, which is an odd feeling. Then she wanted to see what a wax covered cock and balls would look like. With an attitude ‘might as well use it all up’. With my genitals slowly solidifing after copious amounts of wax, it was time to clean up.

Turns out hair and wax are not conducive to an easy clean. Soy wax doesn’t go super hard like regular wax, it just clogs into your hair. Luckily I’m not the hairiest man in the world so it only took half an hour to wash off the wax and dye off both of us.

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday



52 thoughts on “Wax On, Wax Off

  1. I love this images pretty and very sexy! I can’t decide between “the cupcake’ and “the tyger.” It sounds like it was a fabulous session even if the cleanup was a little challenging.

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  3. We actually often avoid the soya candles, I prefer the heat from normal candles and also they harden on the skin to nice crisp tight shell that can be cut cleanly away with a knife, the soya tends to be sticky and as you say the dye of bleeds too.


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  4. These images are GORGEOUS!! And it’s yet another reminder that JB and I really need to play with wax! I love that you said it’s perfect for a quieter kinky time…maybe we can get our butts in gear and actually try it if we remember that’s what it may be like for us, too.

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  5. Very cool shots. I particularly like the tiger shot! Using the soy candles is smart. Real conventional candles can cause severe burns if used improperly. Before I met my Queen, I used candles on someone. I didn’t know about the lower temperature burning soya or paraffin candles. So I used conventional candles. And I let a fair amount of liquid wax build up before I poured it on her. I burnt her. Besides feeling dreadful, it killed the evening. Doing research after the fact taught me some things, but too late for that session. Paraffin candles have a nice level of heat but don’t cause burns. Just a suggestion. The height you drop the wax from is another variable that can make the wax bearable.

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    1. Ouchies. We all learn from our mistakes. We’ve had similar experiences which is why we tried the soy. More practice is needed me thinks. Might use the soy first to create a layer, then get the proper candles out.

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    1. Thank you, we had a lot of fun. We bought 7 colours so can’t wait to use them ☺. Yes definatly deal with the hair first, moisturising before helps too (didn’t do that either).


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