… On Vixen

Twas the night before 2am the morn of Christmas, when all through the house.

Not a creature reindeer was stirring, not even a mouse.

PurpleSole had a visit from Vixen, Santa’s naughty reindeer that had been banished from the North Pole due to her behaviour and desire for fellatio.

I decided this would be my gift to PS, my only gift, as I wanted to get him something different. Something festive but naughty. I had bought some antlers and made a reindeer tail plug, also found a pretty mask that I thought would add to the effect. I wanted the whole thing to be a surprise so hid all the items in an easy to grab place before we went to bed on Christmas Eve.

I was very nervous, I haven’t lead or initiated a roleplay before so wasn’t quite sure how it was going to go. Also as it was a surprise for PS he obviously had no idea, preparation or consent to it. What if he didn’t like/want my gift. I didn’t sleep with the anticipation and counted down the sounds from the clock downstairs (we have a loud cuckoo clock). I wanted to make sure PS was fully asleep and for it to be Christmas day. I encountered a problem I hadn’t anticipated, I am chained into the bed, not allowed to leave without PS permission. I toyed with the idea of waking him but knew I wouldn’t be able to go through with it if he asked questions. On this occasions I would deliberately break my rules.

The clock struck 2am, I quietly un-did the buckle to the shackle attached to my ankle chain and snuck out and into the bathroom. I put on the reindeer antlers and fastened the rose coloured metal mask in place. Next I pressed the tail plug in (glad I had thought to put lube with my squirreled items) and put on some reindeer costume gloves that I had found in a teens accessory store, they had little bells on that made a nice soft jingle. I crept back into our bedroom and on all fours crawled across our bed, jingling with every movement of my wrists. I straddled PS, looked him straight into his now opening eyes,

“I’m Vixen, Santa’s naughty reindeer. Please Sir can you help me, I want to understand my desires.. .”

Sinful Sunday

28 thoughts on “… On Vixen

  1. Now you have to write another blog with Sir’s reaction. Wow, you are amazing to do something like this. I love the top image and imagine what it would be like to be driving a sleigh looking at that sexy ‘reindear’.

    p.s. don’t look now, but PS is probably out buying a padlock right now, then again maybe not.

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  2. This was such an awesome read and the pictures, of course, were fabulous too. I am also hoping we get some thoughts on this from PurpleSole’s point of view, I think having both perspectives would be awesome x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is brilliant gem and I am glad that it all came together so well. It is such a lovely idea and you look absolutley stunning. I am sure there will be requests for the return of vixen 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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