Welcome to the Jungle

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This weekend took us both out of our comfort zones, in a positive way. On the Friday morning I was feeling a bit sick thinking about what we were about to do. First of all I had to think about where we were going to eat. There was a restaurant next to the hotel, but the 68 page dietary sheet on its website showed that options were somewhat limited. To that end I decided to take Gem to a place that was much further out and about double the price, all to avoid the awkwardness. We had a good time regardless and we could talk openly about the rest of our plans.

The plan was to check in to the hotel and get ready almost straight away for our roleplay. Gem got dressed in the toilet so I couldn’t see what she wearing (although I knew). I mentally went through what I was going to say and do. Normally I write down a step by step list of how I want things to go, as a rough guide, so I don’t panic in the moment.

For the roleplay itself I needed to pick a suitable location. Funny enough I’ve never had to dress my wife in minimal clothes and dump her by the roadside at night. The location had to be well lit, providing humiliation as she can be seen but I also consider it safer. It’s off a main road so while there is traffic, it doesn’t go too fast. I also knew there is a woods with a secluded car park which may as well have a sign saying ‘local dogging site’ on it which I could use for some totally legal fun.

The roleplay itself went really well. The nervousness disappeared pretty quickly. I was able to take control in the way I wanted. When I first messaged Gem about it I mentioned filming while back in the hotel. This was mainly a way of controlling the scene and I didn’t really have any intention of watching it. But we did get curious afterwards so had a little look. Turns out it wasn’t too bad, I had played a character that was distant and forceful so it was interesting to see how it looked. And no, you can’t see it, pervert.

Being forceful ment that I had ruined Gem’s outfit during play. She didn’t like it anyway and it was cheap. So cheap that when I tried to unbutton it I got annoyed and tore it with my teeth, thanks poor quality materials. So when we went to take photos after she did look like she’d been savaged. All part of the fun though!

We slept well even if we didn’t get a lie in. Our body clocks told us at 6.30am it was time to get up. So we decided to take some photos. I say some, about 400 in total, most of them terrible. I had to charge the battery while we had breakfast halfway through. Gem wore the outfits I had provided and I tried to take as many different shots as possible. Turns out Gem turns into a bit of a diva when we’re taking photos, I’m not a professional photographer so I’m not sure about light or positioning or anything like that. I know she wants me to be in control, telling her what to do. She can take better photos than me. My hope was that if you take enough at least one will be good, right?

Afterwards we had a ‘cuddle’. It’s a hotel room what else do you expect? Even if it’s a budget hotel you want to get your money’s worth.

Check out was at 12 so at 11.55 we gave in our key and headed home. Warm, fuzzy and a little sore.


17 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jungle

    1. PurpleSole

      Thanks kis, we did. It’s not often that we can get away so we needed to make the most of it. Only makes us want to go away again, but that won’t be until next year.

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