Friday Night Roleplay: Getting Ready

Sapphire’s outfit ready for roleplay.

Our first picture for Sinful Sunday!

Sinful Sunday



19 thoughts on “Friday Night Roleplay: Getting Ready

  1. Wowee! Welcome to Sinful Sunday, I suspect we are all very pleased you decided to join in, what a sexy image to get you started. The lingerie is gorgeous, as is the figure beneath it and those shoes are AMAZING! All over loveliness x


  2. Welcome to Sinful Sunday! I hope you enjoy being part of this community. I do encourage everyone to comment on other peoples work each week as it is really helps to foster a nurturing and supportive community for people to share their images with.

    This is such a sexy shot and I love those rose topped stockings



  3. Posy Churchgate

    Very much liking the look of Friday at yours! The underwear is delectable, the shoes are the pinnacle of sexy and the black lace against her pale skin is mouthwatering. What an image


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