Littlegem does a great job looking after our children while carrying out all of the domestic duties during the day. When I arrive home from work I am greeted by my family and dinner is ready on the table. I am privileged to have Gem as my wife.

When we sit down at the table to eat it is a ritual of ours (and many others) for the Dom to eat before the sub.

So why do we do it? It’s a form of maintenance, useful after being apart most of the day. It feels primal, like the male lion taking the pick of the meat.

If you want to have a bit of fun with it, you’ll need to be in a restaurant or a family gathering. You’ll also need a distraction to stop you from starting your meal.

We had a gathering at Littlegem’s parents with extended family. Gem and I were sitting opposite each other and dinner was being served. Luckily for me I had a small child to hand, so I took my time to feed her (A chatty older relative can also work). Gem had forgotten herself and started to take a forkful. It was at this point I looked over at her to catch her attention. She instantly knew, smiled and put her fork back down.

We had shared a moment in front of the whole family and nobody knew. That is part of the fun of having a secret D/s relationship.


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